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Loon liquors has positive environmental impact

Is it possible to create and operate a company that has a zero impact on the environment? Loon Liquors is putting this question to the test.

Mark Schiller & Simeon Rossi

Loon Liquors is the brain child of Minneapolis residents Mark Schiller and Simeon Rossi, who are originally from Northfield, MN. Loon Liquors was started by Schiller and Rossi after an idea came to them at a White Russian party.

On that night, they envisioned Loon Liquors as being a company that would have zero impact on the environment. They wanted to accomplish this by recycling, composting, and by re-selling every piece of material that would ever enter the distillery. There would never be a need to use or have a garbage can.

Schiller and Rossi also decided on using organic ingredients that would also be locally sourced from Northfield. For example, Loonshine is produced with local organic wheat and barley. They then use a “grain to glass” brewing process which includes milling the ingredients and small batch fermentation. They also decided to locate the distillery in Northfield. Which would reduce carbon emission that would occur from transporting.

Schiller and Rossi even have the support from Northfield Mayor Mary Rossing. “What’s really exciting is getting in from the ground floor…we usually don’t have the opportunity to do this. I’m excited for Northfield…and (that they are) inviting people to be a part of it.” said Mayor Rossing.

Loon Liquors will be hosting a pre-release party tomorrow at the Republic in the Seven Corners neighborhood. Schiller and Rossi will share their knowledge of distilling liquor, the industry, and discuss all aspects of Loonshine.

The Republic is located at: 221 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis 55454. Doors will be open from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm.

Pre-order or reserve a bottle of Loonshine by clicking on this link!

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