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Erasing free market capitalism becoming a trend in Minneapolis

City officials want to place occupational restrictions on ‘pedal pubs.’ The city wants to schedule formal hearings concerning the bars on wheels, so that they can be formally recognized by the city.

“A people… who are possessed of the spirit of commerce, who see and who will pursue their advantages may achieve almost anything.” George Washington

This formal recognition isn’t an award placed on companies for a job well done. Its going to result in changes of city regulations that will require such businesses to stop tours at 10 p.m., pay $59 per driver for licensing fees, $98 per vehicle for licensing fees, companies must have $2 million in insurance, and hard liquor will be banned. It will also become the drivers responsibility to make sure that the sound of the passengers doesn’t travel beyond a distance of 50-feet (of the pedal pub.).

The planned hearings of the city are open to the public and will be held on the 28th of January.

In Minnesota, it is illegal to have an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. But, four years ago, Rep. Steven Simon, D-Hopkins was able to get legislation approved that lifted the open alcohol containers prohibition on vehicles “with five or more passengers who provide pedal power…similar to a bicycle…” with “…commercial purposes…”. As a result, the pedal pub was born.

The amendments that the city wants to make to the current open container alcohol laws are loud and clear. They want the pedal pubs to go out of business as a result of occupational restrictions.

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