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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will more than likely back racketeering Zygi Wilf

On Thursday, Star Tribune veteran sports columnist, Sid Hartman voiced his opinion on the Wilf & Co. racketeering scandal. He believes that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has spoken with Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton concerning the lawsuit case that Wilf & Co. lost in New Jersey. Hartman also expects that Goodell will make another PR appearance in Minnesota, to reassure everyone that the NFL fully supports Wilf & Co. and the “multibillion dollar” project. Goodell will also put all doubts to rest over the new Vikings stadium deal by reassuring everyone that Wilf & Co. are great All-American business men.

Hartman says that he was in the Wilf & Co. suit last Friday, at the Vikings pre-season game against the Houston Texans. No one wanted to comment on the legal issues or the MSFA investigation. Wilf & Co. did make it clear that the investigation wouldn’t lead towards revealing any other bad business practices that could possible damage the new Vikings stadium deal. Hartman explains that he met Wilf & Co. via his long time friendship with deceased New York Yankees owner Goerge Steinbrenner. Wilf & Co. have Yankees stock and that’s how Hartman initially crossed paths with Zygi and Mark Wilf.

The reason why Hartman gives this information, is because he wants the reader to know that he has built up a strong relationship with Wilf & Co. and has studied their personality traits. He makes it clear that he isn’t a psychologist, but it seems to him as if Wilf & Co. aren’t even fazed by the MSFA investigation. On the other hand, when a Vikings player drops a pass or they lose a game, he has seen Zygi & Mark become very frustrated. Wilf & Co. have already made their minds up that the investigation will be rounded off smoothly and it will show that there is no connection between the new Vikings stadium deal and the New Jersey lawsuit ruling.

Other NFL teams will also make money off of the new Viking stadium deal. No matter what happens, they are going to make sure that the deal continues. The NFL is a billion dollar industry, but are classified as a non-profit. ESPN reports that the NFL generates $10 billion dollars a year in profits. They also report that U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn has requested for the Marketplace Fairness Act to be amended so that the NFL would no longer have a tax exemption.

How can Wilf & Co. continue to be backed by an entire state if they were clearly found guilty of racketeering? How can America allow for the NFL to generate billions of dollars in revenue and not pay taxes over their revenue? What makes them any different from the rest of us?

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