New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to sign bill banning conversion therapy

On Monday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has planned on signing a bill banning licensed therapists from performing controversial gay conversion therapy. More specifically, the bill focuses on stopping therapist from conducting therapy that supposedly turns gay teenagers straight. Politico reports that New Jersey and California are the only two states that have banned the so-called conversion therapy.

In June, the bill passed both New Jersey houses and has bipartisan support. Gay activists pushing for the ban, weren’t sure if Gov. Christie would actually sign the bill because of his Catholic believes. In a statement released to the Associated Press, Gov. Christie stated that he believes that people are born gay and that homosexuality is not a sin.

The Providence Journal reports that Pope Francis was shushed by Rhode Island priest while explaining his stance on homosexuality. “If [homosexuals] accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized,” said Pope Francis.

CBS Philly reports that conversion therapy isn’t a new concept and draws a lot of criticism because of the methods that are used. In 2012, four gay men sued a group in Jersey City for fraud. The men stated that the therapist made them strip naked and told them to attack effigies of their mothers with bats.

Gov. Christie is a Republican and believes that health risks of trying to change a child’s sexual orientation is more important than the government placing limits on parental choices. New Jersey Democratic Legislature, Tim Eustace sponsored the bill and is openly gay. Eustace told CBS Philly that the gay conversion therapy is “an insidious form of child abuse.”

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