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Audrey Tjong A Sie is de advocaat van Yvanna Hilton. International Surinam 

Onderzoek betreffende de aangifte van Yvanna Hilton op een dwaalspoor?

Mr. Audrey Tjong A Sie is geschrokken van de gang van zaken betreffende het onderzoek omtrent een doodsbedreiging gericht aan haar client, Yvanna Hilton. Zij heeft daarom een brief gestuurd naar de Procureur Generaal bij het Hof van Justitie in Suriname. Afgelopen week brachten wij beelden uit van een deel van ons interview met de Surinaamse Minister van Justitie Jennifer… Read More
Yvann Hilton speaks about her safety in Surinam International 

Yvanna Hilton: ‘After you showed me I saw that they were different.’

During an interview concerning the LGBT community in Suriname we presented Surinamese Minister of Justice Jennifer van Dijk-Silos with a screenshot of a death threat directed towards the transgender transsexual Yvanna Hilton. The death threat had been made via a Facebook post that appeared on Yvanna’s profile wall, the post had also included a picture of a bullet and stated… Read More
Minister Jennifer van Dijk-Silos International 

Yvanna Hilton receives death threat via Facebook

We recently came across an article wherein Yvanna Hilton had won a court case that she had filed against the Republic of Suriname allowing for her to change her sex registration from ‘male’ to ‘female’. Yvanna is a transgender transsexual woman. After reading the verdict we decided to travel to Paramaribo. During our visit we meet with a number of… Read More
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DEA claims to have evidence connecting Surinam President Dési Bouterse to drug lord

On Saturday, Dutch news outlet nrc.nl, reported that the United States Drug Enforcement Agency that they have evidence proving that Surinames President Dési Bouterse was in direct contact with the regions top convicted drug trafficker, Roger Khan. The NRC received digital printouts of Khan’s satellite phone records, from an undisclosed source. The records show Bouterse’s cell phone number listed numerous… Read More

N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory passes controversial voter ID measure

On Monday, Governor Pat McCrory (R-N.C.) signed a measure that restructures North Carolina‘s election laws, reports the NPR. The measure states that a government-issued photo ID will be required in order to be able to vote, the early voting period has been cut by one week and same day registration is longer possible. Gov. McCrory sees the measure’s as “…common… Read More
Minnesota NFL U.S. Zygi Wilf 

New Jersey Judge orders the release of Zygi Wilf’s net worth

Zygi Wilf, owner of the Minnesota Vikings, believes that he and his family will be brought in danger if New Jersey Court Judge Deanne Wilson makes their net worth public. The Star Tribune reported on Wednesday that Wilf released a court document pleading that Judge Wilson reverse the ruling she made on Monday to release his net worth. Wilf writes… Read More
Minnesota NFL The Vikings U.S. 

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf buying time by not cooperating with investigators

The Star Tribune reported that Wilf & Co have agreed to release more information regarding their finances. They also added that they are worried that the investigation will put the building of the new Vikings stadium behind schedule. The delay can’t entirely be blamed on the investigation. One of the attorneys, working on the investigation, had made “multiple requests” for… Read More

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to sign bill banning conversion therapy

On Monday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has planned on signing a bill banning licensed therapists from performing controversial gay conversion therapy. More specifically, the bill focuses on stopping therapist from conducting therapy that supposedly turns gay teenagers straight. Politico reports that New Jersey and California are the only two states that have banned the so-called conversion therapy. In June,… Read More
Minnesota NFL The Vikings U.S. Zygi Wilf 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will more than likely back racketeering Zygi Wilf

On Thursday, Star Tribune veteran sports columnist, Sid Hartman voiced his opinion on the Wilf & Co. racketeering scandal. He believes that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has spoken with Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton concerning the lawsuit case that Wilf & Co. lost in New Jersey. Hartman also expects that Goodell will make another PR appearance in Minnesota, to reassure everyone… Read More
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Former Washburn High Principal Patrick Exner says that witness is lying

On Thursday, the Star Tribune reported that they finally received a statement from former Washburn High School Principal Patrick Exner. “The allegation that I changed students’ answers on state assessment tests is absolutely false,” states Exner in a signed letter directed to the editorial section of the Strib. The letter lists Exner’s position as “Former Principal Washburn High School” and… Read More