Audrey Tjong A Sie is de advocaat van Yvanna Hilton. International Surinam 

Onderzoek betreffende de aangifte van Yvanna Hilton op een dwaalspoor?

Mr. Audrey Tjong A Sie is geschrokken van de gang van zaken betreffende het onderzoek omtrent een doodsbedreiging gericht aan haar client, Yvanna Hilton. Zij heeft daarom een brief gestuurd naar de Procureur Generaal bij het Hof van Justitie in Suriname. Afgelopen week brachten wij beelden uit van een deel van ons interview met de Surinaamse Minister van Justitie Jennifer… Read More
Yvann Hilton speaks about her safety in Surinam International 

Yvanna Hilton: ‘After you showed me I saw that they were different.’

During an interview concerning the LGBT community in Suriname we presented Surinamese Minister of Justice Jennifer van Dijk-Silos with a screenshot of a death threat directed towards the transgender transsexual Yvanna Hilton. The death threat had been made via a Facebook post that appeared on Yvanna’s profile wall, the post had also included a picture of a bullet and stated… Read More
Minister Jennifer van Dijk-Silos International 

Yvanna Hilton receives death threat via Facebook

We recently came across an article wherein Yvanna Hilton had won a court case that she had filed against the Republic of Suriname allowing for her to change her sex registration from ‘male’ to ‘female’. Yvanna is a transgender transsexual woman. After reading the verdict we decided to travel to Paramaribo. During our visit we meet with a number of… Read More
International Minnesota 

MNworks fighting to “Unlock Our Future”

More then 6,000 janitors and security guards are facing an unsure future and have been working without a contract since the beginning of this year. Their contracts expired at the end of last year and their employers aren’t willing to agree upon the terms of the new contract(s). The groups representing them, don’t see the situation getting any better in… Read More
International Minnesota 

Erasing free market capitalism becoming a trend in Minneapolis

City officials want to place occupational restrictions on ‘pedal pubs.’ The city wants to schedule formal hearings concerning the bars on wheels, so that they can be formally recognized by the city. “A people… who are possessed of the spirit of commerce, who see and who will pursue their advantages may achieve almost anything.” George Washington This formal recognition isn’t… Read More
International Minnesota 

Loon liquors has positive environmental impact

Is it possible to create and operate a company that has a zero impact on the environment? Loon Liquors is putting this question to the test. Mark Schiller & Simeon Rossi Loon Liquors is the brain child of Minneapolis residents Mark Schiller and Simeon Rossi, who are originally from Northfield, MN. Loon Liquors was started by Schiller and Rossi after… Read More
International Minnesota 

Boozing replaced with Somali community outreach

The 400 Bar has been closed for about a month now. The building has been purchased by Abdighani M. Ali. Ali, plans on converting the building into a much needed community center for Somali-American children. The building is located in the Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside neighborhood aka Little Somalia. It is fair to say that the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood has become a Somali… Read More