Yvann Hilton speaks about her safety in Surinam International 

Yvanna Hilton: ‘After you showed me I saw that they were different.’

During an interview concerning the LGBT community in Suriname we presented Surinamese Minister of Justice Jennifer van Dijk-Silos with a screenshot of a death threat directed towards the transgender transsexual Yvanna Hilton. The death threat had been made via a Facebook post that appeared on Yvanna’s profile wall, the post had also included a picture of a bullet and stated… Read More
Minister Jennifer van Dijk-Silos International 

Yvanna Hilton receives death threat via Facebook

We recently came across an article wherein Yvanna Hilton had won a court case that she had filed against the Republic of Suriname allowing for her to change her sex registration from ‘male’ to ‘female’. Yvanna is a transgender transsexual woman. After reading the verdict we decided to travel to Paramaribo. During our visit we meet with a number of… Read More